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Compliance Program

Coulter Boyd Simulations joined forces with the
Law Office of Sandra S. Lauro to produce this comprehensive new harassment prevention and workplace civility training program that is hands-on, interactive, and engaging from start to finish.

The fast-paced program includes reality-based video challenges, team exercises, and periodic quick quizzes to check for understanding.


It encourages the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and experiences among participants thus offering a distinct advantage over one-way e-learning courses.

Program content includes:

  • Harassment Defined

  • What’s Not Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Who Gets Harassed?

  • Who are the Harassers?

  • Hostile Work Environments

  • Workplace Bullying

  • Employer Responses to Bullying

  • Effects of Harassment on All Parties

  • Harassment Prevention Strategies for Employers

  • Pertinent EEOC Regulations

  • What Employees Should Do If Harassed

  • Supplemental Training for Managers & Supervisors including Video Exercises on Dealing With Sexual Harassment, Workplace Bullying, and Workplace Outbursts


Also available is an Advanced Prevention Program which explores the roles leadership and communication styles of management can impact harassment in the workplace.

Delivery Options:

Employers have the option to purchase the program and conduct the training themselves or to have program developers conduct the training for them in groups of up to 25.


The purchase option includes all support materials ready for duplication and a train-the-trainer session at a location of the employer’s choice.

What to do next:

Don’t let sexual and other forms of harassment such as workplace bullying take your organization down! Contact jdmsullivan@att.net today! 


"Is That Harassment?"

“We wanted to go beyond simple ‘compliance’ with federal and state laws” said Lauro.   “We wanted a program that was hands-on, with lots of interactive activities, to fully engage participants from the start and help them develop a clear understanding of key harassment issues and responsibilities at both the tactical and strategic levels.”

“The program includes fact-based video scenarios mixed with individual and group exercises as well as short quizzes with these goals in mind” said Sullivan. 

“Supervisors have important responsibilities and roles in harassment prevention and response processes” adds Lauro “and so our program includes a special Supervisory Addendum which shows the steps companies should take now to prevent harassment and what supervisors should do when confronted by potential harassment situations.”


The program is suitable for both office and industrial settings.