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Theatrical Programs


"The Ducks and Dogs of Glen Lakes"

Logline: The tranquil life of Glen lakes is interrupted by the sudden disappearance of Charles “Digger” Duck.  Then a ransom note is received.  The ducks and dogs of the community form an uneasy alliance to rescue Digger from a rogue band of Canada geese. Mayhem ensues.


Status: Released March 2017 
Now available on DVD

STORY TYPE: Holiday Fantasy Comedy Caper

"The Rescue Dogs of Western North Carolina:
A Christmas Caper

Logline: After Santa’s toys are lost, a rescue dog and her canine friends try to help Santa to save Christmas, but their efforts are hampered by a scrooge dogcatcher.


Status: In production

STORY TYPE: Spy/Film Noir

"Submerged by Fear"

​Logline: A medical doctor is dispatched in 1938 by the President to help protect an advanced sonar system aboard a submarine.


Status: Production begins Fall 2018


"Encounters on the Hill"

Logline: The FBI and local law enforcement attempt to track down a girl kidnapped by aliens. 


Status: Production begins Winter 2019

STORY TYPE: Musical Comedy

"Cover Band"

Logline: A group of high school graduates decide at their 50th reunion to pursue their unfulfilled dreams by forming a Rolling Stones’ cover band.


Status: Production begins Spring 2019