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Development Programs


"Christmas with Winston"

This program is an experiential learning simulation which seeks to combine the educational potential of an adventure-comedy feature film (written and being produced exclusively for the simulation) with the teaching of fundamental personality types as they impact people skills. 


Set in 1937 in Scotland, Norway on board a research submarine operating in the North Atlantic, the film follows the adventures of a group of marine biologists studying in the North Sea. The sub’s advanced sonar system attracts the interest of a hostile power.

The bad guys mount a commando operation to steal the system and a roller-coaster game of cat-and-mouse ensues.


"The Highland Park, TX Hockey League" 

This program is designed to teach negotiation skills to women in business and law.


When Calgary-based Oilman Hubbard “Gusher” Wells, a Texas transplant, loses three arctic drilling bids in a row to Russian oligarch Sergei Spublakov, he wrongly suspects cheating. Wells decides to hit his adversary where it will really hurt him: By beating Spublakov’s beloved, championship hockey team with a group of “disguised-as-men” women.

To pull this caper off, Wells has a signed contract to build his team sent to what he thinks is Montreal’s top sport’s management consulting firm, the powerful Summit Sporting Group (SSG.Com).


Something goes wrong in the contract transmission, and the contract is mistakenly awarded to a small, female-owned public relations firm,the Shelley Stephens Group (SSG.Net).  Location: Town of Highland Park, Dallas County, Texas.


The ink isn’t dry on the contract when the error is discovered. Wells’ favorite saying is “A deal’s a deal,” so he lets the women “have at it.”

What they 'say' about HP Hockey League:


“We didn’t snooker nobody but thems that deserved it, or however you say that in Canadian”  - Texas oilman Hubbard “Gusher” Wells (now residing in Edmonton)


“You’ve heard of Texas Hold-em.  This was Texas hold-up!”  Sergey Spublakova, Owner Moscow Red Bear Hockey Club


“Une Comedie des errors” - Journal de Quebec


“!@#%-ing, Texans” - V. Putin